She was the kinda girl that could say things that weren't that funny...

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I just hope you're going to wear something Marty Mcfly would wear...

WTF?!? Give up!! Even Dougal says that last one was lame. (Like a dog)

I look away, look back and this.

Just casually reading a magazine on a Sunday arvo....

And the classic Pixar lamp in #3D

Check out a #3D Winterfell. Yay for #GameofThrones

Hi! Do you know which of your retailers made this cloud necklace? I'd like to buy more...

pretty good! (ish). Did you see my crocheted Goblin King from ?!! :D.

Such a smart ass.

Sigh. figured it out.


Front row, close but always dangerous at a comedy gig. #stephenkamos

aw. Does Yumi look as sit like a human as Dougal does?

oooooh sparkly! Well I got rather overexcited at seeing this in Dan Murphy's today

Or next to the monster feet? ( #madethis)

On other news, I'm now Day9 on the wagon. Never ever been so pleased to see a non-alcoholic drink from #urbanlocavore!

I do love Jareth's silver eye shadow. It's all in the detail !
#crochet #labyrinth #nerdybutcool

IT'S HERE!!! My own personal crocheted #Jareth! Very cool . :D

yes! Well maybe. Sore inflamed bit between big and 2nd toe. Ok to walk, run etc, just can't do this !

tho this pic did make me chuckle (it's an old one but wish us thought of it)