She was the kinda girl that could say things that weren't that funny...

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boo! Shouldn't you be in bed? :)

My parents are currently traversing #Canada. My dad sends me amusing letters detailing their exploits ->

Spending my lunch hour picking up important things! Like #Oktoberfest tickets from the local German club.

It's another lazy #puggle Sunday. Catching up on abc iview shows and avoiding doing anything productive.

After yesterday feeling rather meh (compounded by a rubbish new PM being elected), a Sunday beer may help.

happy birthday son of Stackhat.

One too many drops of blue food due = smurf like cupcakes.

Been busy baking for the #RSPCA cupcake day. 4 layers of cakes people! Icing begins tomorrow.

well your mum sent us a dbh tshirt which I still have in a back closet.

You know you shoulda flipped that image right? ;) Was fun! Best souvenir too >

It's late. But the Bar-tender was very interested when I mentioned I was diabetic & made me a special drink.

Yes, is keen to be photo'd with all the #anztlc13 people. If you see her, grab a pic and tweet her!

we're still on the bus! Running a tad late...

But a pic of & from yesterday. #graffitiart #Melbourne

it is indeedy. Up and waiting for D and the taxi. My dog is also up & confused.

sure do, but it looks remarkably similar to a one handed upside down Batman mask.

Last weekend watched #SOTD. Tonight was #HotFuzz. Sunday it's #TheWorldsEnd!

they do have a lot of great pet related stuff in The Castro. I bought a rainbow dog collar.

oh cool! (Unlucky for your sis but I love SF). They have great literature like this >

Dougal not impressed by my poor ability to stealthily administer eye drops.