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Thanks for being my sunday night pick of the week…..

#newmusic #starbucks

The world didn’t end, but here are 13 things we wouldn’t have missed if it had:

Sad but true…..

#Gaza #Syria

One of the coolest things I got to witness all day #SpaceBalls

How I miss those Lotaburgers…..Only in NM

America’s 10 Best Burgers, According To National Geographic - #4 Lotaburger

This is cool; My discovery has been featured.....Thanks

Hope everyone is enjoying the St. Patty's Day.....

Happy V-Day! right back at you, Darling.....

Did some research, apparently #CharlieBucket is a veterinarian:

Did some research, apparently #CharlieBucket is a veterinarian:


Here you go, Kal

Just completed the 'IMMORTALS' book; Hopefully the movie is as good as the graphic novel..... #Immortals

what should I be for Halloween?
What about "The Shadow" ???

My Love: iShalie

I just wanted to point out how the (Virgo) girl on my horoscope app resembles

Is this a sign that bad things are coming for (AAPL) Apple, Inc.? Check out where their stocks closed at today #Apple

This is amazing; I think I just photographed some sort of being from another planet while walking about the streets...?!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!!!

I'm guessing this ain't a educational program about blowing bubbles with your anus?! #LateNightChannelSurfing

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