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I'm misanthropic, but in a nice way. Writer at AfterEllen. Creator of Dorothy Surrenders. Enjoyer of bacon.

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Sun block.

'Tis the season. #pumpkins

Offline most of today. But trust me, this is a purple stripe. Happy #SpiritDay.

This little guy didn't want me to go to work this morning. Shoulda listened to him.

Nice day for it, San Francisco.

As much as I miss the fall colors living in California, you can't beat the fall weather. #pretty

Callbacks is Marie's Crisis. Marie's Crisis is Callbacks. I see what you did there, Glee.

Knowing I have Grover's support made me feel a lot better about continuing to make dinner.

I hope everyone used the Reality section of tonight's Emmys to grab a beer.

Fall means football. No, not that kind of football.

Today sure was pretty. Nature and stuff.

Couldn't find my cat before I left for work this morning. Then I saw a lump inside my pillowcase.

In non-tax related news, I bought some new, super gay shoes. Except I paid taxes on them. Shoot, everything's political.

This is quite a thing to find in the airport bathroom at 6:45 am.

It's been a long day, people.

There's always one tall guy.

Wine, women & song on a Saturday night. Well, song if singing shower counts.

The sky is not the limit.

Hope you lovely ladies have recovered from BlogHer. Miss our shenanigans & champagne.

Thanks, New York. You were swell. Also sweaty. So sweaty.