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I'm misanthropic, but in a nice way. Writer at AfterEllen. Creator of Dorothy Surrenders. Enjoyer of bacon.

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Soon, my little shortcake, soon.

You win, internet. Pizza Cat says hello.

He seems nice.

This Finding Nemo scooter is my squishy.

Happy Easter/Chocolate Everywhere Day!

This mint tin is bringing out my OCD. #stayawayfromqtips

Hey, spring, hey. Come sit next to me for a while.

Recapping Lost Girl while wearing my new Lost Girl T-shirt? Why yes, yes I am. (Thanks, , for the swag.)

Actual photo of an actual product being actually pitched to me in my actual email. #crazycatladiesunite

Last one, I promise. I went to the woods to live deliberately. In this case, the lake. #tahoe

And then it looked like an REI commercial.

Spent my weekend in a place that looks like it should be the backdrop to a cold beer commercial.

Should I be concerned the scrape on my hand looks like zombie skin? Is this how it starts? #patientzero #brains

Taste the rainbow. #girlscoutcookietime #getinmybelly

I'm not sure what this plant is called, but if it's based on what it looks like it would be a Space Alien Vagina Plant.

You guys, it was Hugh Jackman who ran up to help Jennifer Lawrence with her J-Fall.

Sandra Bullock just won the Oscars thanks to this face. #LesLezzerables #oscars

Are big shoulder pads back? Help us, Halle Berry. #LesLezzerables #oscars

Charlize Theron's new hair. Brace yourself, lesbians. #LezLezzerables #oscars