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I'm misanthropic, but in a nice way. Writer at AfterEllen. Creator of Dorothy Surrenders. Enjoyer of bacon.

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I always feel like, some pug is watching me. (cc: )

Google gets its Pride on. (Also works for NY, LA, Seattle...)

Still, one of the better finds lost in my ridiculous inbox. #imissorphanblack

RE: Last Tweet. Now look who is the overachiever. #notreally #inboxhell

She looks all sweet & innocent but DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. A day later she pees on that same bed bc I moved her catbox.

And so it begins. #gayzzoli

Oh, nothing. Just my cat being absolutely terrified by a cardboard cutout dog.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Traffic!

Yes, I'm that obnoxious person who tweets a pic from the beach.

Different connecting city, different airport, different arriving city. Half way home.

Spent all day working in my mom's yard, came in to find this freeloader.

It's impossible to be here and not have John Mellencamp songs run through your head.

My vacation spirit animal. #onechillcat

As a gay lady I probably shouldn't admit that my hand fits in my 3-year-old nephew's T-ball mitt.

Prince Harry isn't the only handsome ginger winning hearts this week.

Arm space is a terrible thing to waste. #beingagoodaunt

Good morning Sunday, or as I like to call it, still Saturday night - dammit. #redeyessuck

Should I be concerned that my plant has turned into a space alien?

Saw this on a tow truck while on the freeway recently and felt a little better about the world.

I've heard of leg men, but this is ridiculous.