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Baby Jennifer Lawrence in an episode of Cold Case? Thank you, TV gods.

Sure, this seems like an appropriate response to the right of the people peaceably to assemble. WTF, #Ferguson police (via )

Watching Too Cute while recapping means intense bouts of writing interspersed with squeals of delight. I recommend it.

This came up on my Facebook feed and I immediately thought, "Dammit, Ilene is trying to ruin clothing, too."

What happens when your camera app takes a series of picture of your pocket. #artiguess

Exploring the new house, of course.

Oh no, weird floppy tie thing alert. #oscars

"How many waiters does it take to cover the Oscars?" #oscars #redcarpet

Though Lupita's headband DESERVES its own Twitter feed instead. #oscars #redcarpet

Completely did not recognize Liza when she first appeared. Does that mean my Gay Card is revoked?

So Lester Holt just had a dance-off with Kate Hansen and it was EVERYTHING.

The lady in the suit standing next to J-Law, amirite?

Who cares about Woody Allen? Let's talk about Diane Keaton's suit. #damngirl #goldenglobes

Emma Thompson, the world's spirit animal. #goldenglobes

Most lesbian moment of the night, accomplished. #goldenglobes

This is why you don't come directly from a Bikram yoga class to the #GoldenGlobes.

Seriously, now. I feel like this counts as harassment. STOP EMAILING ME, ZAC EFRON.

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon around the old tree. cc:

That uncomfortable moment you realize you have Pornstache's exact sunglasses. #orangeisthenewblack