From Vancouver..love BC bud and love hip-hop.....ironworker buildin this city from the ground up!

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Snoop lion…lmao #animorphs

Follow me on instagram if you know whats best for you....

This ain't a nug of weed....it's a pine cone

Stoner stereotype

Now that's a meal....

That's a nug...

LOL, taking "free swag" to another level

Hahaha awesome photo that sums up fellow tokers

Unreal breakfast made this morning

sums up societies sad priorities...true heroes go unnoticed like this while hyped up celebs get all the attention..

Hanging H frames for skylight openings on site..pretty sick photo

Mad keef collection

This picture comparing weed and pop....too true

Fresh nugs straight BC bud---->

Lol nothing worse when you're trying to sleep----->

No better playmaker in the EPL----->


Hash doob with

Fine ass "Church Cheese" nothin better

What we wake up to....beautiful BC