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I am a GIRL Border Terrier. I love swimmin, walkin, cuddles, sleepin, mooosic and all ma friends. Mum dus be @scubafee. Play #lexieschain wiv me!

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well is true! he was suggestin wearin a hat! look a bit gangsta like

or pfttt dress no 3

dress no 2

dress no 1

have you seen my ball mum?

ow bowt dis?

ahhh the old 'poor me' stare! yes! back of net!

this beggin lark is gettin me nowhere! I shall av to take more direct action - claw her legs heehee!

wot you fink me new slimline tummy!?

waitin for mum so i can go round the block for ma evening constutins!?

i win tug!! grrrr

i win tug!! grrrr

we dun a 18k walk an saw some funny long necked sheeps wot be called alpacas!

mmmm i love the heater don't want to move

warmin ma cocks!

oh dear!! i fink I might of bin rumbled! heehee

Snow time!

oh i meant to add picacacha!

Me an dad on the sea wall today!

view frew da trees