Dodger Freak 


It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great!  I love my Dodgers #DodgerFam

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Now shut up! good morning btw lol

Let's go !!! My good luck charm!! Woohoo xoxo

Wtf lol I didn't know Juan Uribe changed his name and now plays outfield...smh

$250k for each of these #Dodgers #Postseason tix...The fuck!!!! Lol and row X?...who would buy this??? Smh

this is for you!! Lol

Nooooo! lol RT : there are other tv shows lol

I'm scary in the am lol RT : lets get a morning pic lol just out the bed

The REAL carmageddon!!! 5fwy is serious Fucken traffic!

U know U had a great leg day when U literally kick UR own ass! Big ass bruise on my thigh!! Excuse my white leg lol

U know U had a great leg day when U literally kick UR own ass!! Big ass bruise on my thigh!!! Excuse my white leg lol

Damn right we #Mexicans get shit done!! Lol

My baby girl has my back! #Tattoo Amaiya xoxo

After...#Tattoo #Love

Before...(after coming soon)

Getting tats in our hotel room! Lol that's how we roll!!

It was great talking to you about our ! You're so knowledgeable. Thanks for being so dope!

& I. She's beautiful (natural beauty too) & so sweet.

I hope this works!! Damn my thighs ache!!!

it's my pre workout. I take two scoops 30 mins before weight training or if I need a little kick in my ass!

Cellucor C4, bitch! Late night gym. Looks like blood!!!