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Bought this ystdy at #dlrp & it broke tdy. Returned w/o receipt for a swap & mgr said I'd stolen it...

Scenic sludge #dlp

The happiest potholes on earth

Happiest Security Theater on Earth #dlp

Blame bankers not teachers

Duckface overload

SkyTV: the choice of gullible vain foold

Full service pub



Good Vaughan Bode mural #graffiti

Odd use of 'chemical attack' in this public toilet sticker

Horrific user account of Facebook Regret #shb11 Lorrie Cranor

The lethal cocktail of security breaches #shb11

Research opportunities for level 80s #wow #CMU

This bot needs more popcult easter eggs #CMU

I have no idea what this study consists of, but woah #CMU