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Terakhir. Siapin tisu dulu boleh. #DWIQuiz10



#DWIQuiz7 bonus Queen Guinevere for Merlin fans ;) (cc: )




#DWIQuiz3 !!

Signboard lagi, yang udah ditambahin :) -Sonic

Signboard kita. Silahkan saling follow twitter yang mau :) -Sonic

#DWIQuiz6 an easy one, now. (sengaja pilih foto yg tear-inducing :p)

#DWIQuiz5 here is a one time companion from a christmas special

#DWIQuiz5 wah pangling ya?That was Sarah Jane in her younger years :) here she is a few decades later, still as pretty

#DWIQuiz5 just look at that pretty face :)

#DWIQuiz4 Classic Who lagi ya :)

#DWIQuiz3 not exactly a companion, buuut...

#DWIQuiz2 dari Classic Who ya. Pasti tau dong? :)

#DWIquiz1 yang gampang dulu deh. Who's this sexy guy?

Hi whovians :) i was reading Riordan's latest book and you would be delighted to know what i find in one of the pages

yang kaya apa? Kaya ini?

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