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Punk Mount Rushmore pose. (Photo: Lon Kimbar on Brett's new camera).

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L.A. today: Anarchy Evolution edits. Tonight: Nokia Theater concert. Tomorrow: back to the east coast (Photo: Walter St. Clair).

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Backstage at United Center, Chicago. Actually in the locker room before the pep talk (photo: Greg Hetson).

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Last day of Warped for BR. But not for NOFX. Mentoring the younger generation of punk singers is something I take seriously (photo Lisa Johnson).

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From Denver to SoHo. Day off, editing Punk Professor, and more silhouettes (Photo: Walter St. Clair).

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"Denver!" the silhouetted orator spake, "do not wear thy flip-flops in the pit!" (Photo: Lisa Johnson).

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SLC, at Temple Square. Finally a religion with a similar interest, genealogy. But Adam and Eve? COME ON! (Photo: Walter St. Clair)

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Me and Ron, recording voiceovers in a hotel room. Punk Professor preproduction after the show in St.Louis (Photo: Walter St. Clair).

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Two minutes til Chicago showtime. Jared and me, coordinating production moves with FOH Ron Kimball by telephone (Photo: Cathy Mason).

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Some catch-up reading on a day off at ATL airport hotel. I'm a month behind on my Science issues (photo: Walter St. Clair).

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Every show in Florida was plagued by rain and ominous skies. I was worried about electrocution. But everyone enjoyed the late afternoon showers! (Photo: Jeff Neumann).

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Taking a break along the road during the Florida Warped Tour. This is a surreal place with interesting physiography. Only recently a reef, 100,000 years ago, today it's populated by grasses, palms, pines, and punkers! (Photo: Walter St. Clair)

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Close that door! Designing the set list takes concentration. Brian and me in the back lounge of our tour bus (Photo: Walter St. Clair).

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At the New York show on Long Island. The tranquility of book-life is interrupted by chaos from a wild visitor: Fat Mike jumps on stage to sing. I look to the sky for strength. He stole the show, and Jay's mic! (photo: Jeff Neumann).

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No trip is complete without a pilgrimage to the ultimate bibliophile shrine: New York Public Library. Here consulting the Dictionary of Scientific Biography (photo: Walter St. Clair).

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The best shopping in New York? The Strand bookstore, rare books department motherf$#(&^s! (photo: Walter St. Clair).

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In New York for a "one night stand" out on the island. Hitting the city spots during the day, before the show (photo: Walter St. Clair).

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The show was actually in Camden. From stage I could see Philadelphia across the Delaware. It's just a river, but it's all so different (photo: Jeff Neumann).

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Before the Philly show today, I visited the art studio of fellow Racine, Wisconsin native Patrick King, (photo: Marie Aquinas).

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DJ and I amble to the stage aboard his trusty Suzuki "mule" with 12 Hp! Darien Lake Warped Tour.

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