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Do512 Account Manager & Ticket Giveaway girl who loves music, vintage & is a proud TTU alumna. Avid HelloGiggles reader. I really like to impersonate fountains

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Amanda just got a lucky pair of tickets to empire of the sun just for picking up a do 512 Fanny pack !

Fanny Fanny fo Fanny fe fi fo Manny...Fanny!

#whereiweartortoiseblondes With love from Skooners in Lubbock, TX.

I accidentally wandered into the middle of a miniature pony/masked rider parade. Needless to say, my morning has ruled.

Here's helping me with contests. Let's just say it is for not in the face tix

My current workstation...stay tuned for a new awesome campaign tomorrow :)

The batmobile!! My dad would freak

Here's in the office with hard at work doin what they do

My surprise delivery. Psst I did share

Look at the tiny little bottles of ! So cute.
-- http://bit.ly/i0aBo0

Dear you are just a vision to behold.

Remember this? I barely do but had to use it after she broke her phone & it took us 30 min to text on it

This is . She's having a tiny meltdown. She also refuses to share her crown with me :(

So is awesome and brought me tea from China. The little cup is on the left. Tiny tea!

Holy hell I just bowled a 241. What!!!???!


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