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Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, cause HE BE RAPING EVERYONE ROUND HERE! #stopNshop #rape #cats #raper #ExtraChromosome

This is what happens when I go to the mall for just a hat


Automatic windows or die

. did you guys know this is a mermaid spear!

Shining like a brand new fuckin car!

Die in a fire




That's it



You can make your own hats but they cost 60$, I'm sic at it thou #WhoWantsSomeFire

Is the power still out in braintree? I'm drinking on a fuckin cliff in Sicuate

just a piece of wood in jorges bathroom or ancient aliens?

My boss just took apart a shopping cart for no apparent fuckin reason cause hes the most interesting man in the world

Raise yo hand if you work hard but tip harder!