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I created a character named Ziggy Boing in 1981. In 1984 this little sprite evolved into Dj Ziggy.42o of today ; Early Synthesizers, Modern Tractor Kontrol`s S4

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UMF March 15,16,17 & 22, 23,24th ~ DefQon.1 2013 14,15,16th ~ Indiana ~ DefQon.1 2013 Australia ~ UMF Ibizza,Spain

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Again ,,

: Thank You Holland ,,
For all the " Repect " ,, During my Stay as well as my Departure while Entertaining & Attending DefQon.1 2013 on my Dj Ziggy.42o ©™ Worldtour 2013 ~ 2019
DJ ¨°º¤ø„¸⎝™⏝⏠⎠¸„ø¤º°¨ Ziggy.42o ©™

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: Thank You Holland,,
Voor alle "repect",, Tijdens mijn verblijf evenals mijn vertrek, terwijl Entertaining & Bijwonen DefQon.1 2013 op mijn Dj Ziggy.42o © ™ Worldtour 2013 ~ 2019
DJ ¨ ° º ¤ ø "¸ ⎝ ™ ⏝ ⏠ ⎠ ¸" ø ¤ º ° ¨ Ziggy.42o © ™

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¨°º¤ø„¸⎝™⏝⏠⎠¸„ø¤º°¨ Dj Ziggy.42o ®™

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I created a character named Ziggy Boing in 1981 & in 1984 this little sprite evolved into Ziggy.42o ©™ of today. In The early days, Many of us ie; William G., myself and a few others were in the competition of developing how windows protruded horizontally, Vertically, and so many different ways to be flexible to sustain the transformation it has today. Soon thereto I was selected from 850 personnel applicant Worldwide positions available at IBM, the Number (2) out of the 250 personnel to be hired at the Poughkipsie mainframe plant in upstate New York. I had Just been Disability retired from the US Army and found out that I had a God Given Talent in Computer knowledge ie; loading the Accumulator in the old days. My knowledge was such that by the fall semester in college, I was told by ALL Deans & Professors alike, that I would not be able to attend my computer classes until my Bachelor year. I was told that I just possessed too much knowledge and set the curve out of reach for testing purposes. When asked what it was I really wanted, I Replied “I want to be able to program in MLX & Hexadecimal and if tutored, I would agree to waive all my computer classes until near Graduation.” Well I did just that Went to work for IBM as the Number (2) Two Selective and then Signed papers in effect to put ALL my Work & Developments on hold Until my Term of agreement (Hiring at IBM) or Dismissal occurred first, or that anything markedly produced would Belong to IBM. Well I wasn’t`t going to have that, & I also wasn’t`t going to stop reading EVERY computer book I got my hands on! I read them at Lunch, In the Doctors office, on Break, so much so that I was Finally dismissed for falling asleep from the Exhaustion of BURNING the candle at both ends, he,he. It is Now Time To bestow that knowledge on the youth of our time, From Early Synthesizers to Modern Tractor Kontrol`s ,, like S4 ,, & More …

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