do it live, f#ck it.

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Ahhh don't you hate when your one cent off?!

Yeah has a packed dance floor too

stop yelling at cwes' cats!!

7am drunk power move to Vegas? Sure. WAKE UP

Is it just me or does =


Hey Discotech, do ya think I'm sexy?

Gettin BUCK wild at Tru with !!!

Laker girls at Subway on Lassen and Topanga signing autographs! Free subway!

at mi casa

One persons trash trash is another persons treasure

Absolutely the BUSINESS

Scratch lesson time with

Last night was ridiculous...

Just moved into the new studio. Got a lottt of work to do to fix this shit up!

Still workin on my NYE drop

Oh hey its muh great uncle!

Only thing that made my christmas. Thanks.

Merry Christmas!! :)

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