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Anime/Manga/Eroge/J-Pop/J-Core/Idolm@ster/Love Live/HanaIro and Japan in general lover from Germany. Tweets in English, sometimes German. I'm a DJ~d( ゚▽゚)b~♪

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透明な世界 by nano.RIPE, a.k.a. #Glasslip ED single get! Excellent 3-tracker + DVD with the PV and a concert - sweet!

  • 13 days ago via site
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Actually a bell like this also makes an appearance in the 26th episode of #HanaIro! :3 #paworks

  • 15 days ago via site
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Got the #paworks 10th Anniversary bell. This bell comes in a themed box and the P.A. Works printed on it. (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

  • 15 days ago via site
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Sunday morning at 4:00 AM. Watching a few epidoes of #SailorMoon S with a beamer. So much fun. :)

  • 17 days ago via site
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The German #TariTari BD's by publisher look pretty. Like the horizontal artwork design.

  • 21 days ago via site
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I waited for this patch for so long... And now I can play #LittleBusters in English on the go, great. :)

  • 28 days ago via site
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Without any doubts, the Jam-Trip series released in the early 80's are the best Anime Jazz arranges out there. :3

  • 32 days ago via site
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Hardcore #TanoC takes a spin. Listening to their only Vinyl they released: "Blasterhead vs. Hardcore Tano*C".

  • 33 days ago via site
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Me wearing the #idolmaster hoodie. Actually really like this shot, the blur has something. #imas

  • 34 days ago via site
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After years of waiting, finally a proper #SailorMoon vinyl release. This makes me so happy right now. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

  • 36 days ago via site
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Todays get: The HMV Japan exclusive #SailorMoon "The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute" Analog Edition Box~

  • 36 days ago via site
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Cool or creepy? The #imas pad actually comes with a OFA themed cleaning cloth for the controller. - I like it. :)

  • 40 days ago via site
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Today's loot: An official #imas OFA Pad. I chose the Miki design since I like her as well as her image color. :3

  • 40 days ago via site
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#np "Neurokontrol vs. Ktodik - Sweet Trip" via Para-Noize 10 Vinyl. Great design, proper Tribecore sound~ :)

  • 42 days ago via site
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This nice #imas movie A1 poster joined my collection lately. Finally framed it now - looks nice as expected. :3

  • 46 days ago via site
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A nice piece of childhood arrived in the mail today: The (japanese) theme song of Dr.Slump on picture vinyl.

  • 49 days ago via site
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Random fact: My DDR Metal Pad died during the last 10 steps of CG Project... at least finished it quite well.

  • 55 days ago via site
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Miki and Chihaya arrived today. So Haruka no longer needs to be alone. ^_^ #imas #idolmaster

  • 56 days ago via site
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Train computer needed a reboot... and now it's stuck like this. Well, nice try Deutsche Bahn. :D

  • 58 days ago via site
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Time to practice some vinyl mixing - with some pre-2000 UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore tunes... d(^_^)b

  • 60 days ago via site
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