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I am Nick. I am often nerdy and cranky. With any luck at all, you'll see both at the same time :-)

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Nina Flowers is my hero. I'm obsessed.

My mom can beat your mom up. Look, I know it's not a competition... Buuuuut.....Just sayin'... xoxo

I'm an uncle AGAIN, but this time from my other brother and first time daddy Erik! Welcome, Jayden Sanchez! Another Sanchez boy :-) :-) :-)

Wow. This is what I woke up to this morning... Evidently my last name was O'Sanchez yesterday.

Preciousness...... Don't think that's a word, but I don't care...

don't be jealous of my boogie... And don't be jealous of this picture, either....

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon... I have arrived!!!

Meteor crater in Winslow, AZ...

I'm a daddy :-)

Look what I went to see in between shows...!!!!!

oooooh... I got a present for you when we get to the theater....

Oohhhh and SEVERAL of these, too...

Holy cow! look what #tomcruise rather #tomcat (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri) sent after they saw the show!

Santa Monica pier!

Happy Sunday, kids!!!



Just a sensible HOMEMADE chicken, waffles & mac & cheese at 2 am w/ don't be jealous

...and dessert! :-)

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