dutty knees


guns of dunhill.

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Whee! Down we go!

Fine shopping.

Yes,50p book,I can imagine that organ.This and a book about boyd cohoon -cowman, jailbird, knifefighter- made my day.


Poor, poor gabe.


I'm keen to go to bed and read my new funny-book.

just noticed the 'kaptn legins' written on the wall on this picture. #crappysuperheroes


sunshine and feet.

dinosaur egg!

dinodung! Ratbag poked his paw in and reckons they're not long gone.

me and ratbag are pretending this is a prehistoric wasteland. Hurray!

swan asleep in a little pond.


got these home in one piece. Pretty happy about that. Streaky stuff.

hang on, i've got that picture saved on my phone..

erdnuss fever has struck before. was laid low.

erdnuss fever.

Yep. RT http://t.co/GnqISWQwvW for we do love the pyro.