If dysfunction is the function then I must be some kind of genius

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Silly Relm.

I always thought that looked like Count Chocula cereal. #landofespers

Kefka needs to work on his love and tolerance skills. #generalleo

I fell asleep playing this last night, I haven't done that in a very long time.

Nope. Boobs.


Terra Strong. Get it? Lolololol. #badfinalfantasyjokes #taralicious

Heheh, Locke, you sure do look funny.

Celes, you will now be... A MOOGLE!

Gau does Rarity's laugh lol. #mlp #ffvi

We have our first glitch, haha. #finalfantasyvi

Pssh my lawnmower is runnin just fine. ;D




Wouldn't trade her for anypony, but she sure is silly.

Sushi place about a 5 minute walk from my apartment. Sweet.

This took maybe an hour to cut out. My finger has a nice dent in the side of it lol.

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