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Good one, .

Citizen journalism. Film the police.

These aren't Palestinians, so they won't be shot for "illegally rioting" as the so quaintly put it.

אם תרצו, ניקח גם כסף מעמותות

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This is inconvertible evidence of manslaughter, at least, by the IDF's own laws.

Second of impact on Mustafa Tamimi's face. 40mm barrel a couple of meters away. Location inside village. Armored.

Mustafa Tamimi, seconds after he was shot by the IDF with a 40mm metal canister in his face Friday in #NabiSaleh

Mustafa Tamimi, killed by the IDF for the crime of protesting settlement expansion, with his family (far left).

צודקים בלאומי. זה לא פוליטי. זה סתם קרימינלי.

This has nothing to do w\Israeli security. It's abt settlement expansion. http://dd.ht/vyAhFE Don't say u didn't know

The 40mm shells you see shot in #NabiSalih in this video (http://dd.ht/vyAhFE) are what hit Tamimi in head (below).

FYI and , Moustafa Tamimi did not have a "pre-existing condition". #NabiSalih

Hey , please let the ambulance into #NabiSalih, so Moustafa Tamimi (shot in the head) doesn't die.

Happening Now: Moustafa Tamimi shot in the head at #NabiSalih, West Bank. Badly wounded. Photo via Elyakim Nitzani.

Added Bankruptcy to 's topics on klout.com b/c of their moral bankruptcy in funding fascist Im Tirzu

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בנק לאומי, נדאג שכל לקוח שלכם יראה את מה העמלות שלו יממנו כשתתנו כסף לאם תרצו: תעמולה דר סטורמרית.

Thank you Arutz 7 for providing this delightful montage of MK Ofir Akunis & his role-model Sen. Joseph McCarthy

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Maariv: "#Israel warns US not to weaken Tantawi" #Egypt

Last night, terror in #NabiSaleh (there's someone young on the floor)

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