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There is only one person I hate in AQWorlds, but I think all of you who spread lies and rumors are pathetic.

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Thats what said

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QOTD by Planekiy

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I did this when I was very very very bored (10 minutes ago)

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Navy got owned

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This be me hidden stash

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To hell with freedom of speech, matey!

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It must have been me swearing?

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Navals threw pirates overboard, dragged them underneath the ship so all their skin would get torn off as they drowned, then they pulled them up, whipped and tortured the survivors, and threw them back beneath the ship, and what they did to female pirates was worse, which is why there were so few female pirates
Navals are NOT pirates, AE, why make NAVAL armors on talk like a PIRATE day?
They promise us that the Alpha Pirate will be "Rare and Unique", sure its rare, any moderator can get it, like Beleen for example, who was NOT in alpha, hell, she wasnt even in BETA!
And UNIQUE? They ruined that with all their Naval Commander armors! Sure, they arent EXACTLY alike, but they copied ALOT still, remakes and recolors RUIN it!
Theyve brought down the most awesome rares, to make them look like shit now, R.I.P StarSword and Alpha Pirate!
I know its just a game, but they make promises that they dont keep, ive been with AE since 2004 and im really considering quitting at the moment.. Ive seen good moderators fall and bad people act to become moderators.
All i only wanted was the game to be fair, and the players to be given whats reasonable, clearly, AE has broken that several times recently..
Im sure i will be banned for this, since saying my opinion is just awful of me to do, all i want is a discussion of WHY AE has done these things
Oh and, congratulations, Miltonious, you got just what you wanted by the end of this.

ZombiesLoveU: i agree with many of ur points but .... naval i think mean sea war fare ..... heck if u google it the navy pops up ... mods can do w/e they want

Thoru: You're totally right..... AE just rereleases things lately..... and then bans the complainers on the forums

Indestructable: 10+ to OriginalPIrates. -10 for FakeAPs.

Shadow_EyeAQW: (*-*)==b

Thoru: I agreed. Lesse if I get banned ^^

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This was my first hater, now hes pretty cool, tho

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My new twitter backround!

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