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Hi. Teehee.

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Can't sleep and this made me laugh so hard. Crying.

I'm crying

My Zelda poster set<3

Yeeessssssss :D

I paid a dollar for a bag of air! Why are there chips in here?! -_-


Laughing so hard right now

Eeep! I'm scared!

Look how Zelda my home screen is. Gate of Time live wallpaper and hearts that resemble my battery life. WIN.

I'm soooo much cooler than you right now.

Look what came today! Australia here I come!

How legit do I look?

How cool does this make me look?

Oh my god hahahahaha I'm dying.

Do you know how excited I am to play this for the first time? Hahaha.


Check out the super brootal trihawk from my lacrosse helmet.

See! Still have it after all these years! :)

I'm going to have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tappdanced with Danny ******* Kaye.

Here's the beach.

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