Derek M Divito


Research Specialist by day for TVH America, roaming Kauffman Stadium by night. Originally from the D until 2000, now KCMO is home

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couldnt have timed it any better my friend #bandwagon

This is what America has come to. 13K followers

my food spread. #UberBowl

Guacamole, BakedPotato Soup, Queso, Fritters, ChickenWings. #SuperBowl

Now thats a lot of soup.

I'm sorry but the does not know how to dance or wrestler

#itsNATURALtime lets kick some ass

I may be late to thr party, but its Jackie Robinson day and Google decided to use #Royals font for their logo!

Who wants to come clean up all my leaves? 50 bucks and some pizza?

I dare ya, I double dare ya. #Yolo

Must be one of his 7 catches all season.Who else better to grace the cover of #Chiefs calender. #MickeyMouseClubHouse

This game is on the Yes Network as well? Was Steinbrenner a BigXII fan? #emaw #kubball

your clock is broken.

The start of something delicious.

This is awesome. See she is so real she has 15+ accounts

I just got called out. Its on! #KCCC #ForketteAndTheLifters

I love the smell of a deep fryer in the afternoon

I just welcomed myself to deliciousness