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Eh, *shrugs* fcuk a description, just follow or keep it movin...

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RT : #SpriteSlam Ross, Bob Ross

Ummm, yeah...

RT : Pepsi has a dragonfruit flavor. Wasn't expecting that taste.

what y'all talking? That bend u over a table @ a Waffle House kind of love?

this avi tho

they just put up the revised terms but the original still read like this one

what's ur interpretation of this

hmmm, if u say so

RT : #blacktwitter ain't shit

Just woke up to find out got knocked out... Best pic I've seen so far tho

Fcukin iAds = horrible idea

These cats? RT : I swear Wiz looks like a Golden Lord.

I mean look @ the eyes, smh

I am unamused

*Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg voice from The Fifth Element* I know

Where there's a will, there's a way, lol

I'm not but u kno I'sa taps that ass on Scramble w/ Friends most of the time

that's only bc we've played over 100 times, lol... S/n: my best word

most words I've ever found w/o cheating of course

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