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Polar Bear-Extraordinaire. Unwanted son of Ilich CARLOS THE JACKAL Ramirez Sanchez. Connoisseur of foreign women and black t-shirts. And a #BATMAN fan.

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Brother sent me this. So true, my dad, grandpa & uncles all shot out DUDES. And one daughter. Lol. #happyfathersday

REAL Cuban sandwiches. And a bottle of Malta. If you think you ate one, you didn't.

YUM <3 #burgerking

#burgerking breakfast of champions.

About to meet the president. And listen in on one of the most perplexing plot twists in videogames. #MetalGearSolid2

After several obstacles, I finally have it. Bastards. #TheLastOfUs

here's your friendly request to tell a douche-bag to leave your girls alone...

Grilled cheese sandwich with spicy tomato soup. Nice for a rainy day.

look at that, be her! I will kill every man in my way so I can marry you. In that suit <3

that's not how we solve problems, Daizee. But it's sexy regardless <3

I mean, c'mon! How can something so...GORGEOUS not be on the PC?! #MGSV

I don't like it when morons upsets you, queen. I wish do deal with them myself for you<3

I LOVE my / PS3 themes. So gorgeous <3 #RememberMe

I LOVE my / PS3 themes. So gorgeous <3 #RememberMe

I LOVE my / PS3 themes. So gorgeous <3 #RememberMe

Shrimp & crab pasta <3

That's right, Jaeger. They wouldn't use it for a special forces unit otherwise <3 #MetalGearSolid

thinking of you <33

#NowWatching #EscapeFromLA on #Netflix . Ha! That's right john...

I *thought* I got Remember Me in the mail. Instead I got #Skyrim . I shouldn't be too mad, right?