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Is it a sedan or a #nicetruck? You decide.

At the top of Round Butte with . Nice morning for a walk.

Hop harvest today. These are drying Magnum and Zeus the others went into a fresh hop CDA. #homebrewing

So...since there is no lawn can I camp here? Not that the rest stop at Brothers, OR is a good camp site.

Long gone consulting company beer cozy worthy of vacation use.

Office art and plants (in rescued 5 gal buckets) heading home in advance of the #PDX office move. #burley

The Portland office is moving. Starting to haul home boxes of books in my #burley trailer.

Another #nicetruck in Sellwood. There goes the neighborhood.

Been a while since I've seen a #nicetruck. This is the first with a #fixie though.

Finished a White-throated Swift today. Actual size even. Fighter jet of the sky. #welding

It's pretth cool to be this close to a couple of Wood Storks and watch them kick-forage. #birding

This one was blocking the marsh loop st the Santee Coastal Reserve. I turned around and walked away.

When #birding in the south east it's important to look at the ground for large-toothed critters.

Neighborhood #nicetruck near the house. Lots of money in tires and suspension.

Regardless of what you think of players, handshakes at end of series are awesome sportsmanship.

$10 for a first class berth on the Breakwater from PDX to Coos Bay in 1917. $7 for second class (men only).

What do you do with several scarves? You make a blanket of course.

Yes kids that is a 2x4 that is actually 2 inches by 4 inches. Over 100 years onld too.

I didn't realize that was going to be at the game tonite. Where is ?

The end of the day leftovers in the Portland office from a bucket of day old Voodoo Donuts.

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