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I work at @IToTheG. Former @shoryukendotcom writer, @thesixthaxis reviewer. QA'd @injusticegame, @divekickgame. @evo2k commentator (MK9, Injustice)

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Browsing the Tekken Tag 2 community section on the WiiU. Like the concept. Got some artists too...

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Hulkamania running wild! #wiiu

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downloading dat Mighty Switch Force HD

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I got this creepy little Chun-Li voodoo doll keychain thing in the mail today... >_>

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So yeah, all you have to do to unlock all the new content in Tekken Tag 2 is quit the game and boot it up again.

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I wonder why thought a big ass HUD in the middle of the screen during quick select was a good idea.

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Got my copy of LittleBigPlanet Vita. Call your local GameStop to see of they have it.

Was looking for my bus pass and this fell out of my pocket. #psplus

I wish this was the boxart for PlayStation All-Stars

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Best friend's daughter is having her first birthday party. He's been in the military for nearly 6 years.Glad he's back.

Long day was worth it just to see her reaction to this :P

You gotta do what? #psplus

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Here is another ps+ code.

Two more #psplus

Good morning zzz. Hope you're by a ps3...


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