Odell Abner Dracula


I squeeze juice out of bat brains and gain superpowers. It only works on me. Well, me and one other person. Fleeta, if you read this, please return my calls.

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Batmoney. Batproblems.

Spider-Man again. No, not him. The other one.

I started to draw a guy w/a spider for a face and now I'm late for work

Cut the mullet #plantman

I saw this person at the bank. #doodle

This could have gone a lot better, but it's the best one so far. #gremlins

Fez. Werewolf.

A guy with a tree in his face and it probably is uncomfortable #unsafe

Have never successfully drawn a gremlin, but this one's not ruined yet

Finished that doodle #humanFly

A drawing I'm not finishing now. #goodnight

I'm gonna do a tattoo. I have ink & needles

Caleb from Stearns County, Minnesota. #zombie

A drawing of a devil

WHAT?! #gremlins

Ssssoo... I guess at one point I bought a box of The Maxx trading cards?

Plucked from obscurity (i.e. 1993) KANJAR RO #didTheyMakeAThalPorvisCard

And this thing, back from when Mignola used a signature #Dracula

In the 90s I was so-so with the Defalco/Frenz Thor, but now I love it.

Ron Frenz and the God of Evil