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Geek chic writer of dark kickassery, including the Blud series, YA Servants of the Storm, comics. Powered by Wonder Woman undies. AssEd, @coolmompicks.

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My next book, a magical realism about killer groundhogs who eat annoying people at the playground. cc:

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Anachrocon costume, day 1. "What's in the basket?" they asked. BOOKS AND KNIVES, I responded. Only half a lie.

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A Valentine from Criminy to you. <3

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Cute boys read books. Or at least lounge amongst them. Even #littledude when he was littler.

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What happens when you get wistful over your characters. *sigh* OH, AHNA. YOU DON'T DESERVE OUT OF PRINTNESS.

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Hey, cool! People who bought my e-novellas also bought THE CHAPEL PERILOUS e-novella by !

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This is what my computer is currently showing.

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This is why you don't give me a knife… #WickedAfterMidnight

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No steampunk vampire Moulin Rouge book launch party is complete without an Absinthe Girl. (My pal Ericka!)

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This is why we have book launch parties. Also, the unicorn gets punchy if we don't. #WickedAfterMidnight

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Who let the unicorn in again? HE ALWAYS SHOWS UP TO MY LAUNCH PARTIES. #WickedAfterMidnight

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This is what I see as I start up revisions on DELINQUENT. No wonder I can't get anything done.

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So this is the 2-lane, kinda-country road to my neighborhood. Dang, y'all.

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SHENANIGANS: What's happening when a package sent from Atlanta, GA to Plano, TX does this in 10 days. WTH, ?

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Legit Catwoman.

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You know you're a major nerd when you spend your evening putting together things like this...

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Maximum horsepower between the ol' thighs.

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There were oodles of pics! And then it was gone. *burp* #epicFionnaandCakecake by

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Get dressed, and . WE MUST SHOP.

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Your Twittpinion needed! What's the best way to adopt out these adorable Blud character peg people?

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