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Exactly what you want outside of your office. Constant jackhammering. #advilme

After all these years, this still strikes fear into my heart. #torture

Pretty sure this licence plate is homemade. #dontthinkthatsallowed

It's March. Feels like June. Either way, you should not have a lone antler on your car.

Love the SPD spirit, but not the most considerate headwear choice. #losethehatluckycharms

Well if you want to be my friend you go about it the right way! Thanks for the gifts!

Can't bring myself to eat these little fellas.

They've really improved the technology on these little fellas since they came out. #boringworktweets

Transporting precious cargo so they can be adopted at Urban Paws today. #bunniesonboard #wannakeepem

Pretty sure and I are the only non-parents up in here old enough to drink. #andwewill

No debit and then this? You're awful Hard Rock Cafe. #seeyanever

Jay patiently waiting at Forever 21. #womenbeshoppin

Thanks Valentine! (James, you owe me $5)

Mexican for "duty free"?

Guess the last time I used my camera was on our last trip to Mexico. #cashmoney

Kids are rolling around on a pile of Cdn Tire Money. Even from here I know they're all 5 & 10cents

Uh oh James. Hope you didn't have to drive the truck today. You left your glasses at home.

Spotted: with local celebrity Jamie McKinven, assistant coach of the

Yay, it's here! Ready to be whisked away on vacation!

Tried to pick football games. Got a mixed bag of college bball and soccer. #iwantmythreebucksback