35 year career in Nursing and Law, RN, JD. Longtime Activist in Health Care Reform. Mom of daughter with C4-5 spinal cord injury. Tweets are my own.

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What did the turkey say to the hunter? .....Quack, Quack, Quack!

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Health plans began discontinuing coverage for some of the 12 million Americans who buy individual policies on the private market that don't meet Obamacare requirements for more comprehensive care. It seems to me it should be the multi-million dollar health insurance industry that should be doing the apologizing. The ones that denied care because it effected their bottom-line, the ones that kicked people off of health plans when they got sick, the ones that refused to insurance children with pre-exiting conditions, the ones that under-insured people, so they had to go into financial ruin and declare bankruptcy to pay for medical bills that weren't covered by insurance. They should be the ones apologizing to the American people!! Why should President Obama apologize because these assholes cancelling individual policy holders.

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While Health Plans raise your premiums, drop your plans, CEO salaries continue to rise.

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My daughter's sleek new $15,000 wheelchair. #PriceOfACar

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Does my Grampa George look like or what?

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But you'll trust these "unelected" insurance company CEOs with your healthcare decisions? Why don't you ask them why your premiums are so high?

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My Dad in Lehesten, Germany 1945 after landing on beaches of Normandy #Dday and fighting his way through France

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This is what I look at when I'm doing the dishes. #InnerSanctuary #WeirdDecor

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In memory of my parents, who are buried here, under one single white headstone. #MemorialDay

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Ask these health plan CEOs why premiums are going up.

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Being a mom isn't a pre-existing condition. #Obamacare

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Happy Matriarch Day! I am the daughter of Mabel, the granddaughter of Annabelle and Loretta, the great granddaughter of Helena, Adele, Mary, and Mary Ann (pictured)

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Me on stage with Frankie Avalon at the Playboy Club, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1978. He sang, "Can't take my eyes off of you."

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Happy Easter from my puppy, Roxy!

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Over nine and half hour surgery to remove this and repair ligaments. Where was CNN!! #DamnStraight

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You had me at health insurance.

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My Dad's great grandson in Afghanistan. It never ends.

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My Dad was so depressed post WWII. My mother said, "He wasn't the same man after the war" She had him do this needlepoint to calm his mind.

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If there was a problem YO! I'd solve it!

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