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This is how to welcome terry and dean to your fuckin place. A beer bowl each. Fuckin a.

I'm tryin to get into television.

Someone partied his fuckin high top off, fuckin A. Calgary rules.

This little toker was my welcome pack at the calgary premiere. Whaddya figures in there?

Terry in the back of the fubar party bus. Calgary premiere fuckin a!

Fuck just did two shotguns, a bottle throttle, a double rum and coke with jerry forbes. FUCKIN A.

Ho lee fuck, just did two shotguns a bottle throttle and a double rum n coke with jerry forbes.

Shotgunnin beers at 7AM at the radio station, and two cops showed up to party with us.

I left a pube in the calgary airport pisser, for all them japaneazy fans who get off that shit.

A guy in a fuckin suit holding a skateboard. At least his tie matches the fuckin wheels.

I fuckin accidently doused myself in free perfume for chicks. I hope I pick up a lesbian.

I fuckin drank this.

Should I drink this?

The shitters here have soap AND lotion so you can wash up after you beat off.

I think this fuckin building has a disease orsomethin. Its all fucked up.