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Break up with her at dinner they said it would be easy:

Someone thinks they are at the bowling alley -

#facebook is down for me - "Account Temporarily Unavailable"

is there any way to stop "New Message" from appearing, and just download the mail automatically?

HOW TO: Share your existing bluetooth keyboard with your iOS device and also display it on your Mac

This is certainly one way to get a six pack fast!

Some benchmarks of my new Samsung 830 SSD in my Mac Pro with 3Gbps SATA controller. TRIM is enabled, firmware updated

Just installed my new Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD. Pretty awesome even with SATA 3Gbps

Holy Shit I actually fell for this one…

"Answers from the community." Is this new? I haven't seen this before. #AppleStore

Yeah love it!! I posted a fix for the heat issue, see this image for more information:

I wonder what this thing does?

Well I think this confirms my findings

Just read the funniest thing regarding the use of a condom

If you are putting off getting an #iPad3 due to not having 4G support. I hope this changes your mind :)

My only criticism of for #iOS is the accounts view. It should be more like #Tweetbot . Who else agrees?

Its seriously ridiculous that #Apple don't offer more than 50GB iCloud storage. I am worried about running out of space

I'm getting ready for my new #iPad3

They told me I could be anything…so I became a cloud.

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