Darryl Bayliss


Mixing a ounce of cool with a pound of nerdiness, i like music, programming and technology in general. Currently a Research Co-Ordinator at Edge Hill University

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Credit wheres its due, some Altruistic Apple Engineer has set the default to allow any app!

Aware you can't see the move in a picture so another image to prove (No I don't change the X,Y,Z values on the sly)

I have a moving box (Well technically a camera that moves which gives the illusion of the box moving about) #OpenGL

More fab art from

Never seen a better stickman drawn like this. Super duper artwork from

Random curved 3d line graph, its something at least #openGL

I'm such an artist. >_>

Experimentation led to this today, who needs Matlab? #openGL

Well it's nothing in comparison to your virtualisation of a but heres what I've been cooking up.

You'll get into the swing of things. I'm throwing shapes still. Can you tell what it is yet? (Don't worry if you can't)

Well I didn't complete it but I'm well on my way, heres a sneaky peek of my website to be.


Adopted a modified version of the android logo as my app's logo… will approve.

Still not a golden triangle, but it looks cool. More experiments required I think.

Ignore the fact the window says "Golden Triangle" and thats what I have so far. Might make it move next.

Groovy hypnotic weather systems being generated on my mac.