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Midfielder for the New York Red Bulls. *something witty and funny*

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Kenny Cooper: "1st day of training, wanted to make my presence felt. Sry , ur nose vs my head.. no contest."

Man, sure got a whole lot uglier overnight. Did a blind man cut your hair??.......

Keep telling that this wasnt cool in 08 and its still not cool now. He wont listen. #yesedhardymakesthese

Props to for reppin . But tell him wearing clothes 4 sizes too big is safety hazard n gym!

1st things 1st, fantastic movie. 2nd, when is the last time u saw one of these let alone watched one?? #bigkahunaburger

There goes that pesky again. This time trying to sell me cheap beer from his motorized cooler. #kidsthesedays

I challenge u to find a more awesome ugly Xmas sweater than me. And yes, its my moms. And yes, not ashamed to admit it.

That time of the month :/.....

Santa was so proud of for returning home, he gave him an early Xmas present. Wait, santa or ??

Apparently Kato from The Green Hornet got a job at the Coffee House in dallas after retiring as a superhero. #delish

Myself and decided to hone our inner today. Thanks for the inspiration buddy!

I always tell 's dad he doesn't have to wear his headband when he travels, only during his tennis matches!

Love finding old stuff rummaging thru my parents garage. Definitely bringing these back for next season. #safetyfirst

Celebrating fat kid tuesdays.... #cheers

Florida, stop it. I dont want to be out on the lake all day in late Nov....

Down here in Orlando, we dont #OccupyWallStreet, we #OccupyBestBuy. Stay strong friends!

Im def gonna get fat being back home. Walk through the door, pops lays homemade nachos right in front of me. #offseason

Breaking news: adidas and NASA have teamed up, new space suits for the next moon mission. Guess what? Im on it. #stoked

See everyone, contrary to every report on the planet the past few days, NY and LA can get along. At least for 1 night!

Ah sunshine and warmth, I've missed you. Thank you LA, I can always count on you to blow NYC weather out of the water!