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Assassin. Will be available in my Gladiator shop in DS

  • 1300 days ago via site
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I know i know i was away for a while and reason for that is that i got new Assassins Creed 3 and i LOVE IT. So i got inspiration from game so i decided to make kind of my assassin version for DS.

BTW its WIP.


  • 1301 days ago via site
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This is going to be one of my final items for Gladiator shop. on DS. Maybe some more comming but when i think i am done i will post all items i it will be on shop.

Comment please.

BTW reuploaded because there is bug on Twitter/Twitpic

  • 1305 days ago via site
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This is going to be one of my final items for Gladiator shop. on DS. Maybe some more comming but when i think i am done i will post all items i it will be on shop.

Anyways to all of you viewing this please PLEASE comment. Also FAV if you liked this.

  • 1305 days ago via site
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Behold... Barbarian Armour for DS
This is also going on my Gladiator shop. BTW you can see that i used some style on legs and bit on helmet.


  • 1306 days ago via site
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WOW Look at this. Its also going in my DS Gladiator shop.
IMO Gladiator shop will be released about week after DS Beta release.
More stuff comming

  • 1307 days ago via site
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Well... What should i say? Another sword you will see in by DS gladiator shop.

  • 1308 days ago via site
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Well...I was bored and i made this weapon. I am not sure if Fllegacy and Rexan will accept this but is seems good so far. It is mainly for DS as beta weapon.


  • 1308 days ago via site
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  • 1309 days ago via site
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Da da da daaaaaam. Finished with DragonSlayer Beta Armour. personally one of my favourites. Its awesome IMO. Well what u guys say?

  • 1312 days ago via site
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Well here is finished Starting Ninja Class for DragonSlayer game of Loaded Games productions. Anyways Comment about what you think .

  • 1314 days ago via site
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Another item made for Gladiator shop. Tomorrow i am starting on DS class. I wont say yet what it will be.

  • 1315 days ago via site
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Finished new Furniture for FLL.Later on will be making archer class for DS

  • 1315 days ago via site
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Well this blade is going to DS Dawis67 Gladiator shop and will be available for everybody. There is also comming Regular steel spears and swords for gladiator shop and i might try to make gladator net.
Anyways i would aprechiate if you comment.

Note: What i wrote up there are my thoughts how it should be. But i dont know if Rexan and Fllegacy agrees with me. COMMENT PLEASE XOXO <3

  • 1316 days ago via site
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What could this be? Id say new Dawis67 blade.
It will also come in spear version and dagger version. Stay Awesome guys.

  • 1317 days ago via site
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Presenting you....Dawis67 NPC/ Character. This is how my personal armour looks. The metal version is going to be available for everyone but i will have golden one as my Private armour. Also if RexanFLL allows i could have this as my NPC for shop.

  • 1317 days ago via site
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Say hello to Dawis67 personal armour.
I had been thinking about the theme and details for long time but now i realised this.
This is going to be my personal armour on DragonSlayer game of LoadedGames. It also comes with steel version for everybody to get and wear.

  • 1319 days ago via site
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Template for one of LegacyGames games. I think the Game needs kind of update.

  • 1321 days ago via site
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This is kind of exaple or entery to be artist for LegacyGames.
I hope ya like it.

  • 1323 days ago via site
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My second Club Penguin creation. I kind of enjoy new char template LOLZ XD. No offence but i think this is awesome. XD

  • 1327 days ago via site
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