Making art. Practicing. My big artist idol is Dage. I like swords and armors. Follow me if u like my art and tweet me something ;) :3

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@ Rexan_LG Here Comment pls. If i missed someone on @ list just Retweet
Heres SWF animation: http://megaswf.com/s/2546962
And dont forget to Fav.

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Done with Pirate armour. It will be Pirate of Dragonaria. Pls comment RT and FAV

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Well here is my pirate armour. here was drawing https://new.livestream.com/accounts/2070065/events/1787426

Pls Comment RT and FAV

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My first scythe EVER. Please FAV, RT and Comment. <3 Scythe requested by

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Inspired by live drawing i made this axe which is actually going ingame in DS (DragonSlayer)
I really like this one Maybe gonna change the handle a little. Please Comment RT and FAV this one for more. And if you really liked this one i suggest to follow me couse more are about to come.

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Dragon for DS (DragonSlayer) is finished. New monster for when DS is going to be released. COMMENT PLS

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Dragon for DS in progress. Also if i can i will make attack animation. Please Comment FAV and RETWEET

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Done with kind of contept for DS Dragon monster. Gonna flash it later. Comment RT and FAV

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Spread the word. Retweet to everybody. I am making contest. Retweet to everybody you see.

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Dark knight finished. Well people how is it looking.
BTW helmets are the hardest ones

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Dragon bone Axe. Those dragon teeth in blade would really stick in your opponents skin XD


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This is what ACTUALLY happened

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WOOOOOW... This is my favourite weapon i have made so far. This goes as suggestion for Dages Legion Shop.
Here is animation: http://megaswf.com/s/2535136

Please comment on this one.

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Unfortunently this isnt for DS or FLL but for AQW Dages Legion Shop. I had a sketch of this long ago and i decided to flash it. This is just handle and blade is about to come. Skulls inspired by .

I would like if Dage would comment on this one. ;)

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When you slay enaugh dragons you can craft this bad boy XD. Dragon Bone Scimitar. Please comment of what you think. <3 <3 <3 <3

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Not allways you need heavy weapons to slay dragons. Sometimes when your axe is broken you can use some Vital Daggers.
I started them 1 week ago and now i am back from Gran Canaria and i finished them.
I specially LOVE handle... Yeah thats some skill progress i got there and i am happy.


Anyways i am going to work on something awesome. I warn you.


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I am finished with this armour. its called Obsidian Smash.
Unfortunently this is going to be last thing i make for next 1 week couse i am going to Spain on vacation with family so i am gone for 1 week.
Anyways now...is this the best Flash creation i have made so far?.


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So far done with upcomming DS armour. Inspiration by Tnx dude ;)


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Presenting you Urban bow. Made out of some pipes and tape. Anyways i am going on vacation with family for 1 week so i wont be able to make art for 1 week. :( but i am going to get some sun to Spain. :)

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Here is all of items that are gonna go in DragonSlayer Gladiator shop (personal Dawis67 NPC shop).
Please comment what you think.

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