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Final version of armor.

  • 1207 days ago via site
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DONE... Naval Dark Waters Commander is done. What u guyz think. Comment please. I really appreciate Retweets-DO IT :3 thank you

  • 1235 days ago via site
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Allright people. Done. What u think about this? Comment pls. Retweets and Favs ar really appreciated.

  • 1261 days ago via site
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Here should be really final version. Updated cloth, added little details to armor and added sword. Coment pls :3

  • 1275 days ago via site
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Finally done. Yay. Well how do u guyz like it? Retweets and Favs are really much appreciated.

  • 1275 days ago via site
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I really got inspired by you. There is no way that what you see here would be dont without you. You helped me out a lot proably without knowing it. I really want to thank you for posting art so i can learn. I spend lot of time just literary staring on your latest art and learning.

Legion and Dage live on!

  • 1300 days ago via site
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Finished my Project Omni knight. Please Comment RT and FAV for cute cupcake ponies. :3

  • 1303 days ago via site
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Longsword. Kind of mine and Dages shading together. I really like how it turned out. Althrough i see lot of things that can be improved and i am not completely satisfied with it. For that i need to study more Dages Twitpic XD

  • 1319 days ago via site
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Norwegian Viking axe. One of my favourite weapons i have created. Please comment

  • 1327 days ago via site
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Presenting you Legion samurai. I couldnt figure out if there should be something on his chest. PLS comment. This is Legion suggestion.

  • 1347 days ago via site
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Something i made weeks ago. Love this one. ;) pls comment

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Something i am gonna flash. It is grandpa of King Atleon. ;)

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Something i done even before i made portrait of dage ( http://twitpic.com/cmxv8h ). Kind of my AQW drawing template.

  • 1365 days ago via site
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Sketch of you for you XD. Your Profile PIC. My second portrait ever. ;) You got in my sketchbook. XD

  • 1366 days ago via site
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Aq Worlds ''Talk like a Pirate'' Day shop Commander armour suggestion.
Pls comment. XD Ty

  • 1372 days ago via site
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WOOOOOOW Check this out. I just made this dagger. This got animation too http://dawis67.deviantart.com/art/Aq-Worlds-suggestion-dagger-Prehistoric-Dagger-366039293?q=gallery%3Adawis67&qo=0 100% Adobe Flash pencil work. I used only and ONLY pencil tool on outlines. COMENT AND RT.

  • 1379 days ago via site
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Frostbite skull blade is done.Video tutorial comming soon. Comment please

  • 1380 days ago via site
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Another creation for . For his legion. If this ever goes in game dage must have used many souls to create this blade since it good skulls all over it.

  • 1387 days ago via site
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Something for today XD CP FTW

  • 1400 days ago via site
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