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I'm 22, trouble, and a whole lot of other things Taylor Swift has written about.

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Watch those smiles Doc.

I just hate everyone. All the time. Forever.

RT : It's all ways good to be with a team and organization that takes a lost personal <

my response to your video:

RT : refs give me the calls. You get near me it's a foul <We know how this will end

RT : Okay, um... Where did like get Hannah from? <

RT : Just caught playing hookie from school only one day bro come on <

RT House Dems bring back high-capacity ammunition bill - reports: politi.co/ZXlY9K <

There are no fences around Jim Traber big guy

New background. I think that this celebration should be mandatory for all Blake Bell touchdowns. #Belldozer

Got do the world clock thing til Doc gets back. #WeAreAllMakingSacrifices

When you start calling me again I am making this your ringtone.

In relation to that video.

Apparently everyone knows I'm soft.

They're out there. Plotting.


Drunk or dumb? #Both

I won't name names. But this is great.

Leaving the tree up til Cotton Bowl thanks to Aunt Pams gift. #BoomerSooner