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Girls think they're just so cute.


I am usually promised one random text from my boss on a Sunday. Here is this weeks. Best so far.

This is Oklahoma football.

I'm gonna leave this here and see if the person who sent it will claim it.

My desk today. #Boomer

I will gladly spend my own money to reward our great employees. They make me look good and ownership is happy.

With 2 wheel drive and some pretty good skill, you too can get home fast.

She asked what I was doing. Here ya go. My one selfie this year. Merry Christmas.

Geez. Just ask me out already. :)

It's you're move bro.

And he's not even my favorite. His brother is pretty chill too.

This guys pays me to work for him. Never had a boss this cool. Ever.

Business expense.

My boss at work literally asked me if I should check with Doc before we put it through.

Dude. I didn't even put my number in the tweet. How do you miss that.

And here is the one text that truly had nothing to do with anything.