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As proof:

I think the money I was going to spend on a sweet Todd Lockwood print is going to go towards this instead. #fb

Also, I looked away and this appeared, based on a dessert.

Dinner with . You never quite know what you're going to get.

At the car wash, yeah.

Going to have to buy a frame for this and put it in my office. Very cool of to do this.

Porscape mode on my iPhone.

MayDay Games is selling Get Bit! Booth 1501 limited quantities available, and they come w/ Sharks! #gencon

TPK'd the party against the "first" Acererak in Tomb of Horrors. Quite satisfying for me as a DM. #dnd

Beatdown Machine versus an even bigger and older Warforged. #dnd

Slowly geekifying my new office, thanks to in part to stuff from

Can you spot the Rogue in this picture? #dnd

Wall of Fire unleashed by the wizard. Litko tokens are badass on the Battlegraph Board. #dnd

This closet full of dust was also full of an evil undead that summons snakes in people's skin. #dnd

They're actually fighting one of these creatures. Try and guess which one! (hint: they're not level 30) #dnd

Meanwhile the rest of the party works on the guards with help from a blade barrier. #dnd

Beatdown Machine is headed for the Ziggurat. #dnd

For whose shirt has been spotted many times here at #Origins2010

A bunch of Minotaurs that are also half-other monsters are wailing on us. #dnd #Origins2010

Here's most of my #Origins2010 day 2 swag.