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Playing Talisman with 6 players and all the expansions. Skipping a lot of turns. Could be a while.

Do NOT mess with these bagels.

My poorly-lit yet delicious lime rickey. #nyedrinks

First drink of the evening is a fruity sake cocktail at the sushi place.

Having a very (and some ) Xmas thanks to :)

Plus a sticker, TARDIS-bin, and London shower curtain. I guessed she was making me a Dalek. I was almost right!

Yesterday as a bday gift, Doctor Who-ified our bathroom, w/ minis, soap, and TARDIS-colored towels

I'm not running for a few weeks, but it looks like I've got everything I need to run my next #dnd adventure.

Can you spot the invisible force field in this picture?

"You are a practical person with your feet on the ground." x2

OK, my replacement die in actual metal looks a lot better, despite taking a lot longer.

Autographs by and Harriet. Harriet says she thinks she remembers me in a stroller way back when.

Yeah buddy- Action Castle 2 and Pumpkin Town Parsley games. I know what I can bring to 's party.

Here's what I got. Big, plastic, hollow, and nearly unreadable.

Pretty painless to xacto around the black plastic "feet" then stick it on a round magnet w/ sticker side.

My MiniatureMarket order came in, with tons of stuff (mostly HorrorClix and Star Wars) for #gammaworld.

Tough but fair- they must take up 3 parking spaces, at least.

Brick is considering a new career as a purple worm chew toy. #dnd

It is mine! Let's see what has in store for hapless adventurers.

Not exactly helping me finish this important email.