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Blow it

On stage with the entire Wu Tang Clan

. and Giusseppe

Conclusive evidence that my balls are sour

Ken, Jiggy and I

Throwing up gang signs with my father in law

Ladies, tomorrow morning, try waking up next to this

Giuseppe by day, RODOLFO by night

Giuseppe is so happy


These new sexy fake glasses take women's attention off my considerable man boobs.

This happened last night

At American Girl Place with Rebecca

This is me in my bubble

This is my bubble

This is me and the disrespectful prick himself

With my greatest ally

Road trippin'

Today, I must start dieting or else my pink 100th episode of "Designing Women" T-shirt will no longer fit me.

Found this leaf on my front step just now. My answer is "of course Joe, anytime".

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