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Man, Springsteen keynote line is already this long with 3 hours to go. #sxsw

Mister ... No ... Make that Dr. John. #greasy #swampy #awesomsauce

I'm speaking at tonight and found and The Beatles here!

George DeVore's playing at the event and he's got two bass players and no electric guitarist. #oddinaustin

Every city should have designated "musician loading" areas.

Nuclear taco night begins. #ntn

Looking forward to TED.

Set break view of my work station for the night.

Even my microcell is 4G now. Wow. Amazing.

Never seen this before #ios51

Installing Silverlight. And worrying.

Met some friends in the Everglades today.

What we have this morning is what my Texas friends would call a lot of snow. #ididntnotice

Can you tel me why he's so happy today? #funwithnumbers

So… my Mountain Lion attempts within VMWare Fusion 4.1.0 have been unsuccessful. ;)

Cake competition. #thatsnomoon

Snake knot!

Pot pies ... for dessert! This is brilliant! Just 69¢ each!

just a pic of my brother, my son and me watching today's game. Nice work out there. #stache

This is an astounding choice as a (seemingly?) default setting. :(