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I loved seeing that yellow ball again.

It's people!!

Wow, , I've been on flights with tight seat pitch before, but this beats 'em all!

you sounded great, man. Way to rip it up, er, whip it up!

I watched Charlie Chaplin's "The Adventurer" last night and I kept seeing one of 's ancestors. #BeerNotTea

Amercia is better already.

I have to say, for $20 for a 1.75L bottle, this El Cheapo (er, El Charro) ain’t bad tequila at all. #goodmorning

The biggest problem with downloading the remaining 9,000 songs from iTunes Match is this dialog pauses *all* downloads.

Class biography project presentation day. The boy's teacher encouraged him to take this particular subject on.

Ahh, the joys of home ownership. The flashing around the stink pipe seems to have failed again after 7 years. Drip drip

A couple of days of rain and, poof! Everything's green!

Willie and some random dude (hey, I took it from the back of a Segway ;).

Not quite Johnny Rabb's record of 1,080 in 60 seconds, but his ain't bad for no warmups. ;)

Compared to a plane, flying this helicopter was a very different experience. Very immersive, hands on at all times-Fun!

Found while roaming the halls at Oyster River High: Tweeting to the Constitution.

My kids are creating things with "Paper" that have me deeply disturbed.

"Crazy Stalker" complete with small child.

Should in be worried that the screen has been frozen like this since the movie was supposed to start 8 minutes ago?

The Alabama Shakes just tore it up.

I believe we have success (without even sticking my fingers together! ;)

Commencing earplug filter repair attempt.