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Red-katana boy

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Made some weapons suggestion for the legion, inspired by your works! :D

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Kinda my personal char: Darkon

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Attack on Kaiju

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A concept suggestion for
The lightsaber is defying gravity..

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My character suggestion for Oversoul, “Amaya”

After the Great War on the eastern land has ended, the reign of shogun has come to an end. Princess Amaya fled the land after her family was executed. Taking with her, the katana of her guardian who died in the battle.
Some people believe that swords have spirits living in them… Perhaps Amaya is still being protected by someone..

Her element would be fire

speech bubble lines
Controlled: “皆殺しにしてよお兄ちゃん!”
Enemy: “お兄ちゃん!アイツあたしをいじめたの”


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My character suggestion for Oversoul: “Lilith Nightfall”

What is it that drives one to the verge of selling his or her soul to the Devil? Is it for power? The fame? Or perhaps… Revenge.
Let me tell you of the unclosed murder case called “the Nightfall’s tragedy.” From the police’s file, the Nightfall residence burned down on the 6th of June. Mr and Mrs Nightfall, along with four of their daughters were found dead in the wreckage. Stab wounds were found on their bodies, so it was suspected that they were murdered before the mansion was set aflame. In addition, the faces of the daughters seemed to have been ripped off of their heads. Two of their daughters were missing from the wreckage, and their bodies hadn’t been found ever since. Without any lead on the case, the police decided to leave the case unsolved; leaving behind many questions unanswered.
What really happened that night? First, you need to know the story of “Lilith,” the youngest daughter of the family. At such a young age, her beauty was unparalleled. She shined brightest among her sisters, and without knowing, she became the target of their hatred. They came up with a plan to get rid of her once and for all, but unfortunately, they needed their parents help. Ironically, luck was on their side. As the family’s wealth was on the edge of collapsing, their parents were blinded enough to agree on the plan of scarifying Lilith to the devil on her fast approaching 13th birthday to save their fortune.
Everything went according to the plan. On Lilith’s birthday, her dear sisters gave her a present, by cutting off her face that they were so jealous of and left her to die… But, the Devil came to Lilith instead of her family and proposed her a deal. A chance for revenge.
Back from the death she came, Lilith murdered her parents and sisters with the very same knife they used on her. She ripped off her sisters’ faces, and with the Devil help, they will suffer for eternity for their mistakes. Only one of her sisters managed to escape into the woods surrounding the house, and Lilith’s soul will never be able to rest until every last one of her sisters pay their prices.

Beware heroes, death is just the beginning…

Her element would be chaos

speech bubble lines
Controlled: “>_<”
Enemy: “Have you seen my dear sister? ^-^”
Victory: “My true enemy waits elsewhere. Farewell.”


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My Dage the Evil contest entry :)

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My character suggestion for Oversoul, "DarkonDrago."

Story time!

Many people seek power from the great fiend Nulgath, they received power, and they all paid the price. A sorcerer known as DarkonDrago was one of them. He wanted power, but more than what others before him received. And because Nulgath is kind, he got what he wanted.
Now he is a vessel for the great dragon of the abyss, but to gain this power, he have to sacrificed his hands in order to open the portals, chaining them inside the void.

You might say that the only thing keeping Nulgath away from taking his soul, is that the dragon might be of use to Nulgath.
Truth is, DarkonDrago life means nothing to the great fiend.

His element would be shadow

speech bubble lines
Controlled: "My soul belong to the Dark Lord, and so is your..."
Enemy: "Power... Is everything."

and for #oversoulcontest

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Apocalypse-san. I don't have a name for her yet. loooool

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Another character that I have lying around for a while too. Finally went to giving her a better look x3
Kinda drew her wrong, and she looks older now. lol

Alicia Greyhart

After her parents died from an unfortunate cause, she was left alone, not knowing what to do. Fortunately the kind devil is generous enough to let her trade her soul for the power to summons friends... Now she never has to feel lonely again.

Aren't the floating cubic fishy cute? >.<

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Here is my monster for the contest. Guess I'll throw in the full description for him. Bear it with me. lol >.<

The Betrayer: Imprisoned

One of the most powerful supernatural being which some may refer to as "god" or "the ancient one." He's also the last one remaining of his kind, because after he felt the thirst for power, he slaughter everyone, cut open their skull and absorbed all their power and knowledge. His tyranny was put to an end by the Creator himself. Stripped him from most of his power by striking a mystical crystal through his heart, and chained his arms and legs with an ancient spell. He was then banished to wander for eternity in his prison, waiting for unfortunate souls to come by.

Habitat: Ancient prison in the shape of an Aztec pyramid

Attack: - Imprisoned form: When a hero first encounter the betrayer, he can't attack on his own due to the spell bounding him. The floating eye which also act as his sight, however, can summons lightnings and blasts powerful beams to destroy the intruder.
- Unchained form: As his health get lower during battle, the sealed which imprisoned him will be broken, and he can use his hand to take out the crystal out of his chest to use as a sword, dealing an outrageous amount of damage.

Note: He floats around. lol

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My armor concept for
Sorry for not having the helmet, and for the wrong proportions :/

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While I was showing my beloved friend Laken's gallery, we got an idea to modify his cyborg sky pirate......... Now it's a girl. You mad ?

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J6 Chronomancer. Done in aqw style by and flash by

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J6 Chronomancer :D What do you think ?

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