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Sub sole sub umbra virens Friend to hollies & spiders I remember things, hear colors, see music, keep ancient words & ways #TheDeadicated #TeamZombieSlayers

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That IS a crime! Go get tacos! Here's some virtual tacos to tide you over

Please help find these kids!
#TexasCity #Texas #Houston #Galveston #GalvestonCounty #HarrisCounty

Yes, we do.

I LOVE this stuff!

These RULE, !

Made me think of you two:

Thanks for helping out, !!

But the rainbow-colored, gluten-free, organically grown, cage-free cursive makes it better,

Thor's Day shout-out to the #PenFreaks
4 for $5 at with loyalty card

Pulling alongside a hipster playing autotuned refuse to provide antidotal - volume: MAX

Grab a !

Just NOT one of mine!

Why #Follow, and, more importantly, listen to the music of ? Peep a bit of their self-description #FF

A gift for the discerning owl who has everything

See (it's a conspiracy - aliens or zombies; maybe hipsters in Yugos):

Saw this and figured it must belong to

Spotted and posted by ...this may explain a lot of things,

I blame Samhainn; after all, one MUST blame someone or something else - it is the overwhelming trend. SMH

*NOW* it has officially begun in Houston - Happy Halloween & blessed Samhuinn to all!
"This is who we are, son."