Night Sage


Cute & Weird... still don't understand much abt myself. Curious? Ff to find out.Skype: dante.ehimen .Kik:@dante_angelo PS: I dunno hw to set P.

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Which one should I read nw? Boredom :(

Crazy .... Lmao

And told me not to twitpic his swim suit pose....... #ButISaidNo

": Almost fried banana thinking it was plantain"

": Few minutes ago, I mistakenly stepped on a gecko :("

": How do you drop an egg five feet without breaking it?"


Its sad pple still don't get this pic

": Pls pple does my avi look gay......"

#NoMakeUpTuesday :p

This dude looks like

Afro, final engine guy RT : Dante_angelo who them kpoof?"

This afro guy 4 engine : Who don die again? Dante_angelo: The way young pple die these days, its just sad


LMAO!!! See gist

Ok, this is funny


Wat . Does..... Smh

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